Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been meaning to write to give an update on what is going on with me. I just seem to find something to do and don't quite make it.

I have been doing good here in Texas, especially while the weather has been cold. It reminds me of living in Utah. I love it!

I have this friend I call D. She isn't a member of the LDS faith and I have been friends with her more than 9 years. Since moving back home to Texas, when I go out with church members, I always ask her if she would like to come. She, of course, always say yes. Yay! She told me that she would rather hang out with me then with any of her friends because I don't do anything to be ashamed of. I of course always invite her to a church sponsored dance or dinner. It's always fun wherever we go. I have been going to the Older Singles Activities and I enjoy them! go figure. I have met some really nice people and a few that I know from the past. It is fun to hang out with people my own age. There is usually a dance at the beginning of the month for the Single Adult members of the church and I really do enjoy them. you can say, I act like a fool but it's me!

Christmas was fun. I spent it with a long time friend and his family. It was fun watching his kids open up their presents. Most of them were LEGOS and they went wild! It was fun.

New Years Eve could have been better. I mean I did spend it with the Single Adults but everyone had something in common with most people, being divorced. I felt like an outsider. IT was something I don't want to experience ever again. It really sucked! There was a black tie optional party on New Years Day and that too sucked to a point. The one person I wanted to see was there - Rhia!! I was glad to somewhat catch up with her. I haven't seen her in 9 years and it was good to remember things we used to do back in the day of high school! There was someone else I wanted to see but of course he must have left before me and D made it. (I got lost and had to call my older brother for directions. He helped me to a point and then I had to stop at a gas station and was given really good directions).

My job is one of the best that I have had. I really do enjoy it. There is a guy that I work with that today is his last day and I really am going to miss him. I thought about getting him a card and dropping it off for him. I, of course, am off and won't be working with him anymore. I do hope that his family gets better and he will be back soon. I do understand why he is moving back home. We both are in the same situation. I moved back because my dad was sick and he is moving back to Fargo, NC because his grandpa and mother (I believe) are really sick. I do hope and pray that his family will be better soon. I truly will miss John. There really isn't anyone like him in the world, that I am aware of.

I miss all my Logan friends and hope and pray all is well.

I do need to be heading to bed now that it 4:30 in the morning. It's a good thing that I am off today!