Friday, October 29, 2010

You will be missed Mr. Vernon Cooper

Sunday I found out some sad news. My good friend from high school, her dad had passed away on Oct 20th. Last I heard he was doing better, opening his eyes and recognizing people and the next thing I know he had passed away.

Today was his funeral and I tried super hard to hold my feelings in. I had felt so bad that I didn't visit him while he was still around, I kept putting off the visit because I got busy. Now I feel horrible because I didn't get to visit him while he was alive and well. I think maybe that is why I broke down and couldn't control the tears for at least 15 minutes.

Vernon Carl Cooper
Jan. 16, 1947 - Oct. 20, 2010
Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetary

Vernon Cooper a 22 year resident of Irving, TX, passed away October 20, 2010. He is survived by his loving wife and soul mate Gladys, 4 daughters, Angela Staggs of Wichita Falls, TX, Sabrena Bussey of Hooks Texas, Jennifer Cooper of Ft. Worth Texas, and Lawanna Cooper of Irving Texas, 9 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Mr. Cooper served his country for 10 years during his early life, serving in the Pacific Theaters, Korea and Okinawa. He was a service connected DAV and was a life member of the DAV, The American Legion, the VFW and the Paralyzed Veterans organizations.

Mr. Cooper was in the Lions Club and held many offices including Vice President, secretary and he was Deputy of Governor of his district. He received many awards including Lions Club International Humanitarian Award for his many projects. He was president of the softball league, where he brought about many improvements to the program.

Mrs. Cooper will be having gravesite services only at the Veterans Cemetery in Dallas, choosing to rest with his comrades. Contributions should be made to the Lions club or to the Diabetes Foundation to aid in the defeat of Diabetes.

The Family acknowledges with sincere appreciation and gratitude your expressions of love, kindness and gratitude your expressions of love, kindness and sympathy during our time of bereavement.

You are no longer in pain and suffering but you will be missed by your wife, daughters, family and friends.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This morning while I was thinking about getting up, I was randomly thinking about my life and my friends. I hope that it all comes out to your understanding.

While I was thinking about moving back to Logan, Utah, I was reminded of my friends and the ones I have met the whole 8 years I lived there. I have met some wonderful people who have now graduated and moved on with their lives. I was thinking I will miss them when I get back. I knew where to find them if I needed to talk to someone about my life's drama.

Then my mind shifted gears and I was remembering the friends I had here in Texas 10 years ago. I guess I just expected the friends that I had then would be here when I came back last year. After realizing that everyone has lives, they all moved on with theirs. I miss my friend Chris "Topher" H. and Chris M. They made my life fun back in the day. I am not complaining about things and how I think my life sucks. I do miss my friends.

Talking about friends, I love facebook but I wonder really who is my friend. I mean, I know everyone I am friends with. I have 866 friends on facebook. The sad thing is that the list of most friends goes like: Utah State, High School, Family, and church. Shouldn't family be first? The friends I had from high school, I believe I am friends with maybe a handful of them on facebook. Most of the kids I had in high school don't want anything to do with me now and the kids that didn't want anything to do with me are my friends. I don't understand.. I was remembering at a class reunion in '05 someone who was mean to me all the years I knew her came up to me and told me she was sorry for hating me. She grew up and had kids to realize that what she was saying and doing to me was hurting me. I did accept her apology and told her it was alright. I wonder if that is what my facebook high school friends feel. I mean, I do know of them and I recognize their face but we never hung out growing up.

I work in a store in a mall and I see people I grew up with, either high school or church. It is so weird when I see them and they look the same some what. I mean, I recognize them but it takes awhile for me to connect a name to a face. They all see happy and content with their lives that it doesn't matter what happened 15 years ago, they are living now!

I do sometimes miss my life then, had good friends that I really do love and miss. One friend just stepped off the face of the Earth and his sister even doesn't know where he is. It is really sad but I know that he is doing well. The last I heard from him was a couple of years ago. He had told me that he lives in Europe half the year and North Carolina the other half. I don't know why but it's not my life. I do miss my friend Christopher Sean Cooley.

I do love my life today. I have met some wonderful people. There is a reason people come into your life. There is a purpose for everything.