Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

The time I moved back to Utah, I have had my moments. Like anyone, a new environment can be difficult at first, you have to make new friends, meet new people and/or find a place to fit in at work and church. I have had many moments for sure but recently I have found something wonderful.

What is it, you ask. For me church is wonderful and the new ward I am in is just that! I attend a Samoan family ward and the people are great people.they are caring, kind and excepting of others. I haven't found a family ward I really enjoy as much as this one. I haven't been in ward one month and I have a calling in the Primary! Where in the Primary, I am not sure but will do my best.

I am still struggling with work, only working 20 hours a week. I am in search for another part time job but nit having a set schedule at the current job, it's a little tough. Still looking..