Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas present

I was thinking today on my way home from church that I would list good things about one certain person. His name is Justin, and I don't know why, I am a little mean to him around people. We can carry on some good conversations via text and Facebook but when we are face to face, I am mean to him. He is a really nice guy and I told him on Thanksgiving that I would be nice to him for one month and that would be his Christmas present. He agreed, still not believing me. I want to prove him that I can.

So it has been five days since Thanksgiving..
one. Justin has a great smile
two.. what a sweet guy
three... nice to talk
four.... has nothing mean to say
five..... has patience with me

Next week, I will add more good things. I do hope that I can prove that I can be a nice person.