Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010

I have been thinking a lot lately about this blog thing. I know I don't write here very often but when I do it is mostly nothing of importance. Reading other blogs I always feel like I want to be more like them writing on something that means something.

I don't travel much so I can't talk about my many travels. I don't have any kids, so that is out. All I do is work and I don't want to talk about work. So I guess what I feel and what I am feeling at this time of writing is what I am going to write about.

Since I left Logan, Utah, I have been a little struggling with life and hanging out with friends. If you know me, I am friends with everyone. I like everyone. If I didn't like you, you would know. That is me. But since my move, I have been thinking and planning my move back to L-town and how much fun it will be when I return. Since moving back to Texas, many of my L-town friends moved away and are doing new things in their lives. I am seriously happy for them.

D. Pak, moved to Vegas and recently sent me a message that read "Renee, Renee, if Tummi Yummi's did one good thing it was bringing us together. You already know I wished you a Merry Xmas." What a blessed one. I myself feel like I am blessed to have met him and become friends with a great soul.

Jaxon M. he moved to Montana is attending MSU and playing basketball with them. I talk to him 3-4 times a month and again, I am so lucky to have his friendship. Once again, Tummi Yummi's came into play. I met Jaxon at the funniest place in L-town.

But, I can't keep thinking that things will be the same. Many friends are getting married, moving and building their own circle of friends. I am happy for them and wonder if I will be back in the circle.

It's nice to back here in Texas but for me to hang out with friends I have to travel more than an hour to hang out with them. Not that is is worth it but sometimes I can't afford it. Gas prices are up to $2.80 and I can't afford to fill up every other day.

There are some times where I feel less of a friend to anyone. Because I don't have money and I live so far away, I feel that puts a strain on my friendships.

I miss the things I can do for free and not having to go far to do them. I hate to travel so far to visit friends. I miss the mountains and the hiking. The closeness of friends and the many things to do.

I am hoping that my feelings will change in a few weeks, I would hate to feel less adequate to my friends here in the new year.