Sunday, March 20, 2011

last week in Texas

I have been thinking a lot today while I was driving. I know, it could be dangerous for me to think. But, I have 10 days left here in Texas and I just can stop thinking about what I am doing. When I moved back here, I wasn't on planning on being here forever. I grew up here, I hate the weather and my allergies are horrible. I can't handle it! As an adult, it is even worse. I do miss the cold weather and the beautiful mountains of Utah.

I have the best friends here and I am sad to leave them. But I know, they will do just fine without me. They didn't know me 18 months ago, so I am pretty sure they can keep on trekking in this world without me. I am not saying I won't miss them, I will. It will be hard the first month or so not being able to drive to their home and visit with them or have Disney movie night while playing spoons where someone gets hurt. I will totally miss that. But I have memories and will always remember them.

I will also remember the people that shared my last few weeks together. I have the best friends to come and play with me or have dinner with me. Thank you Tara Anderson, Amy Kotter, Sandy Abel, Justin Woolard, Rebecca Meyer, Carol, Katie Winn, Michelle Pray, AlyKat, Susan Shi and the many others I forgot to mention. I do appreciate the friendships and the fun time we have had together. I love you all so much and will miss your smiling faces.

This journey back to Utah is a little stressful. More than my move back to Texas. This time, I don't have the money to move and it sucks! I am moving in with two girls that are 22 and 26 (whom I have never met) and am worried that things will not be good.. If you know me, my roommate record isn't good. I have found one roommate that I can handle and we have gotten along just wonderfully. I have moved 10 times in one year because of roommates. I am not liking this deal but right now, this is all I have.

I move away from here in 10 days (I know, I am saying it again). I will be ready for my new adventure.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 3, 2011

I don't think anyone reads this but its good to get things out of my head, even if it will help me sleep at night.

I am moving in 28 days to Salt Lake City, Utah, and everything was settle. I got the transfer with my work and a place to live, I even made sure my gym membership would transfer. Everything was set, until last week.

I received word from my cousin that she received a letter from the HOA and counsel about me moving in. What she told me was " We got a letter stating that we need to give 30 days written notice for the condo....and then the Board of Directors have to give written consent. We just got this letter two days ago. We are going to send a formal written notice immediately. The HOA told David that is was O.K. and now this. There is a problem because of the age. These are the rules of anyone not 55 or older.
We will let you know as soon as we know anything else. My understanding is that the HOA knows about you coming. Why they waited until now to send a letter is beyond me."

So I may or may not have a place to live once I move. I think this has slow me down from packing and things I need to do to get ready for this move. I am stressed and my body hurts from not sleeping well. I hate this feeling and hope that they come to the decision that I can stay. I don't do anything but work and sleep. I stay to myself, maybe that is why I am still single..