Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011

You know when you think life can't get any better for you and then it does? That is how I have been feeling a lot lately.

I moved here with a job that I really liked. I really liked the company as a whole, I didn't really get the people I worked with or they didn't get me. It doesn't matter anyways, I found another job that I super like and it is hard work. I seriously feel like I work hard for my money! Being the only girl working the night shift, I feel like I have to prove to the guys that I can work just as hard as them. With the summer, there are more opportunities to be working overtime and the good thing is, we don't get in trouble for doing so.. They guys I work with have my back, they told me so. We are like a family and that is the support I like to have at a job where I spend pretty much most my time.

The highlight so far in my life is that my best friend in school, since the 8th grade, found me about two months ago. I have been searching for Chris for 16 years and found him twice but lost contact with him through the years. In June, Chris found me, of all places, on Facebook.. How, I will never know. I mean there are 13 people on Facebook with my exact name and at the time, I didn't have a picture of me as my profile. But it doesn't matter, he found me and we are happy little campers.

That brings me to this other topic.. So since our friendship has rekindled, it has become more. I guess you could say that we are in a relationship but kind of complicated/long distance. Currently Chris lives in Louisiana and I in Utah. Here in a few weeks, Chris will be moving to Boston. Yep, I live on one coast and he will be living on the other. I am however planning a trip to Boston to see him and his mom. Annie, Chris' mom is one of the greatest ladies I have ever met. I would like to see her again..

So I have been on this I am happy high for awhile now and I really like it.. I wouldn't want that to change for the world..