Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I will miss a great woman!

Today was the funeral for my Aunt Elma Ransom Worthen. I will definitely miss her. Last time I saw my aunt was in December and she looked good for being so old. I found out on Thursday, Feb. 12 that she had passed from my dad via text message. At that time, I was at a visiting teaching appointment and I actually can't tell you what was said because I was so sad and a little depressed about the news. I have a friend that I have talking to about this death that I thought that I was finished crying about it.

My aunt Elma is 19 years older than my dad, that is something I either couldn't remember or was never told. I had no idea that when my dad was born she was out of high school! who knew?! The funeral today was very hard for me to sit through. Both my parents were part of the program and seeing my dad and mom have difficulty getting through their part in the program pulled at my heart. There was a part in the program where you could get up and share your memories and stories about Elma and my dad was asked to start. I was fine until he mentioned that she loved quilting and that ALL his children (there are 7 of us) have a quilt that she made especially for us and would never give it up. That is when I lost it. I love my quilt and is lying on my bed right now. It is the best blanket that I own and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

I will always miss my aunt and this is a sad and yet happy (my aunt is with her husband and parents) occassion to see family I haven't seen in forever.

Have to end on this beautiful poem....

Dear Mom

Although we cannot see you now,
You are always on our minds.
All the loving things you did for us,
So thoughtful and so kind.

Although we cannot hold you now,
You are being held here in our hearts.
And through our loving memories,
We will never have to part.

Although we cannot call on you,
To help us through the day,
We will remember what you taught us
with your loving ways.

Although we cannot tell you now,
How special you have been,
We will be sure to tell you, Mom
When we see you again.
-----Paula Byington

Friday, February 6, 2009

I don't understand how one says they're your friend but they won't talk to you. This is actually the story of my life...

I had a really good friend where we hung out all the time. We did have our moments we argued about stupid things but we did mend up after some time. One would say we fought like we were married. Doesn't matter, this friend was always there for me when I had problems and needed to talk. After my knee surgery and I was getting ready to go back to work, this friend stopped talking to me. My first thought was he is having a moment, it's not the first time he has had a moment. A few weeks later I found out from a Walmart employee, both my friend and I both know, had told me that my friend didn't want to be friends with me. What?!!

I was talking to my sister and she had asked my friend why he was being a jerk. My friend told my sister "he had his reasons on which I will not elaborate." I don't understand how one just stops being friends with someone especially after a 5 year friendship.

I have this other friend (we'll call him Cliff) who I was hanging out with after a mutual friend (we'll call him John) had moved to Salt Lake. John had asked me to be friends with Cliff to help him stay out of trouble. I agreed and so that is how I became friends with Cliff. Recently, I had sent a text message Cliff and asked him if he was his girlfriend were going country swing dancing. I needed someone to pay so I could get in free. My roommate was waiting for me. Cliff texted back and told me "if you aren't talking to me, I'm not going to talk to you." I am actually ok with that.. :)

That would be 2 friends in one year that abandoned me.. I mean 3 friends in one year because my one friend, who didn't tell me we weren't friends, has a sister I was friends with and she isn't talking to me either. I don't know why but I wish people would tell me why you would stop being someone's friend. At least have the balls to tell me why and how I can fix the problem if it can be fixed.

I am slowly getting over this I don't want to be your friend thing. It's hard but I am trying...
I wonder a lot "why did I move to Logan, Utah? Really, why?!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I went to a Super Bowl Party and there was one person I hoped not to see because he is an idiot, was there. I tried really hard to be nice to him. I would ask him how he was doing or something and he would look at me with a nasty look or just ignore me altogether. It was really hard to keep my cool with him. I really wanted to tell him off or something but didn't.

I have recently started taking my camera every with me. I just happened to take it to the party and this guy told me if I didn't stop taking pictures of him, he would throw my camera out the window. We were on the third floor of an apartment complex and I pretty much told him that I wasn't taking pictures of him. Five seconds after he told me that, he wanted to take pictures of him! I don't think I will ever understand him!

Although my team lost the Super Bowl, it was fun to be with some friends. There were three people who were Steeler fans and the rest of us were Cardinal fans. Who cares, I think. But things were said that shouldn't have been and here is one conversation...

"C": I hope when you drive home, you get in a car wreck and die!

"T": Ohh, if that did happen then I would come back as a ghost and haunt you forever. Then I would see you naked.

I stopped listening to that conversation to watch the last of the game, hoping that my team would win. When the game had about a minute left, my friend "T' was getting really excited and jumping up and down on the couch. "C" started to complain and it went something like this...

"C": STOP jumping I am getting bruises on my legs and I can't hear now that you are yelling.

"T": You have free agency, get up and move.

"C": There isn't anywhere for me to go, I don't want to stand the rest of the game.

"T": Then stop complaining. There is an empty chair right there (in front of her)

"C": My feet hurt because I stand up at work all night. My butt hurts because my leg hurts from you hitting it.. blah blah blah....

Shut up really!!! I have been there working all night on my feet and so has the majority of the people there. Who Cares, stop your whining!! You are preaching to the choir!

After the party I went home and watched some more TV and was thinking about texting a friend for a safe trip back to Logan. I talked myself out of it because I didn't want to sound desperate to talk to him. So when I was setting my alarm, I received a text message from him asking me about my weekend. I am glad I waited. We talked for awhile what we both did and then at 11:30pm I told my friend that I needed to get some sleep. That I needed to be at work before he even has his first class. And that is what I did Super Bowl Sunday!