Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

I am not a very good blogger as you can tell.. Lots of things have been going on and it has taken over my life...It's called stress.... We all deal with it, more than others.

Lots of things have been going on since the passing my my father, my daddy. I was in a deep depression and didn't want to go out anywhere or hang out with anyone. If you know me, that is totally opposite of who I am. But since losing my dad to cancer, things have become a little clearer to me.

1. Family is everything! Without my family, I don't know where I would be.

Because of right now and what has been going on, I have decided and it feels right, even though I don't want it to, I am moving to Sandy Springs, Georgia come March. I will be living with my mom for a few months and hope to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta.

I have a goal to go to school, get a degree and do what I have dreamed about doing for a few years now. Owning my own business. Can't tell you what it is right now, afraid someone will take my idea..

2. It doesn't matter what people say, they just like to hear themselves talk.

I have a friend that I sit with at church who has helped me through my struggles with my dad passing, he has been there as a friend and a shoulder to lean on. We have fun times together and probably not knowing it, he has helped me to be me again. I am laughing and smiling and being me. If people want to talk about how I am dating this friend and have a long distant relationship with someone else, I would say let them. I am not dating my friend and I am in a long distance relationship. His name is Christopher and I have known him half my life.. I love him and he loves me and that is all anyone needs to know. I am not cheating on him with anyone, why would I? Christopher is a good guy.

3. It is alright to eat out by yourself every once in awhile or every week.

I forced myself to go out to dinner a month after my dad passed away. I got an email saying that TGI Fridays has this deal for a appetizer, entree and desert for 12.99.. Sweet, I had that and I was hungry. I forced myself to go to Fridays and because I was alone, I went to the bar, ordered dinner and forced myself to watch whatever game was on the tv to the end. I watched a lot of stupid football games, but it was something I did to get out of the house. I still go to Fridays once a week and watch a game. I don't stay to the end of it but I do watch most of the game.

For three months, I have been going to the same Fridays and eating dinner. Raphael the bartender is good at his job. He remembers my name as well as all the other regulars, what they ordered and lately will have my drink of diet coke waiting for me at the bar. He is one of the reasons why I go to the same location every week. I am also glad that I have met some new and wonderful people. It is nice to see a familiar face at the bar. I will miss them when I move.

I am sure there are a few more things I learned but right now I can't think of them. For all who actually do read this, I hope I didn't bore you. I tend to do that..

Until I get the urge to write again, have a fabulous weekend!
Love you